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PACOS is established with a vision to be strong leading financial institution by serving the community members.

Transforming society through the development of skills, technology, economic and social development of members is our motto. And we also encourage each individual to make self-dependent and self-entrepreneur by increasing the knowledge through cooperation.

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    Fixed Deposit

    This product is designed to allow for member who wish to earn higher interest rate by keeping their fund in fixed deposit in the Cooperative. Minimum Balance: Rs. 5,000.00
    • Interest rate:
    @ For 1 Years: 10.00%
    @ For 2 Years: 11 .00%
    @ For 3 Years: 11.25 %)


    A special savings account is a deposit account held at a cooperative maintained by a member for the purpose of accumulating funds over a period of time while earning an interest. Saving account can be opened in NPR for a member of makawanpur District residential person.


    We Offer Different Loans Like
    • Agriculture Loan
    • Business Loan
    • Education Loan
    • Hire Purchase Loan
    • Foreign Employment Loan

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