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Situated in the middle region of Nepal, on the lap of western Mahabharat range and southern churehill range, Makawanapur used to be called “Mukundapur” in the past during the reign of Sen Dynasty. Over the years, the name “Mukundapur” gradually changed in to the present Makawanpur. Makawanpur  district has its own unique importance since the district has been linked by “Tribhuvan Highway”, the first highway of Nepal which links Terai region with the capital city Kathmandu, district having the oldest and third largest industrial estate of Nepal, palace of Sen Dynasty, father in law house of king Prithivi Narayan Shah and the meditation place of saint Panduk. Filled with natural diversity, Makawanpur district lies in between 840 41to 850 31East latitude and 270 10 to 270 40Northern longitude having total area of 2426 Square Kilometer. Makawanpur district covers 1.65% territory out of total territory of Nepal and are bordered by 9 districts. Kavre and Sindhuli borders in the East, Chitwan and Dhading in the West, Kathmandu and Lalitpur in the North and Parsha, Bara and Rauthat in the South of the district.75% of the total area of Makawanpur is covered by hilly region and has 1 sub metropolitan city, 1 municipality and 8 village municipality. Makawanpur district is situated at the sea level lowest from 166 m Hattidhunga up to 2488 m Simbhanjyang. Makawnpur district has been rich in cultural and natural diversity. Makawanpur has been famous as a supplier of vegetables to the main city areas of Nepal as well as the place for the farming of flowers, fish, livestock and herbs farming. This district has cultural and religious importance and has the trend of celebrating all important festivals being celebrated in the Kathmandu valley. Thus, focusing Palung valley and committed to the overall economic and social development of Makawanpur district, “Palung Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited” has been established in 2056 B.S. through coordination of youth of community. PACOS has been successfully operating since then by properly following of Cooperative principal, norms and values, maintaining economic discipline and transparency.



To be able, strong and leading financial institution by serving community and members socially.


Transforming society through development of skills, technology,economic and social development of members.


To make self-dependent and self-entrepreneur members by increasing the knowledge of members through cooperation, making economic, social and cultural condition strong.


  • Develop the habit of savings.
  • Mobilization of savings.
  • Increase the economic and social life standard of members.
  • Develop agriculture production, technical assistance service and fruits and vegetable farming.
  • Increase the income earning capabilities of share members by creating self-employment opportunity through proper storage of products, marketing and distribution.
  • Operation of multipurpose service in the sector of community development, social development and local development.
  • To promote fulfillment of member’s needs.
  • To develop honest, disciplined, capable and strong members.
  • To increase skills of members.
  • To make poor male and female of the society capable and self-dependent through cooperation medium.